Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Reflection of the year.

This year went really well because I've improved in subjects and I have moved up in my leaning .
This year I was Vice captain for Kowhai it felt hood being a leader .Being a leader is also difficult at the same time because you have to lead by example because all the little kids are watching you and might copy your stupid actions towards others and teachers so you have to always be on your best behaviour .
I have represented the school in Athletics,Rugby union and Cross country.
This year I came top of the class in reading PAT test I got rated a 7 the average of a year nines learning .
Mrs Tofa has been a great teacher this year and a big influence because she has helped me with my learning and work when I wasn't trying she always knew I could do better in test.She always encourages students too keep focused and you can see it in there learning because when they focus they improve more .So has Miss Atuahiva she's helped  lots of students with their learning.
This year was fun Thanks Mrs Tofa and Miss Atuahiva for being great role models to me and other students .

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