Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Term 1 reflection

​I like this term because there has been so much sports I joined the cricket team and we won the tournament .I also enjoyed the cricket sessions with the coaches my favourite sport is touch we are getting sessions from Eric .He showed us how to hold the ball properly.​Our first sport we did was soft ball it was cool because we got to play an actual game of softball.

​I like this term because I think I did well in  my testing .I liked the reading  test because I used my strategy to use  the information to answer the question.I also liked the math test it was cool because some of the questions were easy the only hard one was when we had the PAT test online some of those questions were hard because it involved having to use decimals and  division to solve questions.

​My favourite part of this term has to be technology because we are working with Mr Grundy.We are doing wood work we all get to make something. I am making a jeep as my project it is one of the first models they brought out .I am up to putting on the hood then I have to put on the wheels .It is  looking good.

​The best part of this term has been all the good opportunities I have been given such as being a tour guide and going to the cricket tournament .I have also gotten  the chance to meet visitors .The  good part of being in Room 10 is that there is lots of people that I Know .Ican squally work with others but sometimes I work by myself .I mostly like working with others because we can have a good old laugh but sometimes we get in trouble for talking when we are not aloud .I think this term has gone really well because we have mostly behaved through out the term.