Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today we had a session of financial literacy.We learnt about credit Miss Rachel talked to us about what you can do to earn your good credit she lifted up items and asked if we would lend it to family,friends,classmates or strangers the number slowly decreased in numbers as she showed us the objects.Next she asked if anyone wanted to volunteer for a skit Alisi,Baden,Keti and Voni volunteered she gave them tasks Voni and Keti did a skit about lending money to each other voni gave  5$ to Keti to buy a magazine and Keti told Voni that she would pay it back the next day and she did .Baden and Alisi did a skit bout lending a DVD he gave it to Alisi to borrow but she never finished the movie so Baden let her borrow it again and she had to give it back the next day but when Baden looked at the DVD it was broken and damaged .Then she gave us a hand out to do it was a fill in the gaps then she went over it with us last of all she gave us a sheet to take home it asked who do we trust to lend stuff to I put Siosifa and my parents and family.

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