Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Family treasure

This is a picture of my brother Tyrone's jacket he was only seven weeks old  when he died .He died of tonsillitis this is the only thing we have of him.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Koro's gift

Moko was going to Koro’s house which is  in Wainuiomata to visit .He said he had a bone carving for moko. Moko’s dad started up the car Moko nearly burst into excited tears. When Moko got to Koro’s house, Moko was the first one out of the car. Moko had a peep through the window and he saw Koro sleeping  with the bone carving resting on his stomach.
When Moko’s dad left to go home, Moko went to bed. He dreamed that the bone carving was stolen. He woke with a scream. Koro rushed into see what the problem was but when Moko saw Koro without the bone carving Moko screamed, “The bone carving is gone’’.
“No,no Moko I don’t wear the bone carving at night .Now go to sleep and have a good rest.”
In the morning after breakfast Koro took me down to the basement. Down there, Moko saw lots of carvings of people and some were made of green stone but the precious ones were made of bone. Koro picked up a bone carving. It looked just like his one except it was smaller. Moko thought to himself, “Is this the one he’s been saving for our family? ”Moko hoped that he trusted Moko and only Moko to look after it.

By Brandon Room 10

The story of name

My dad named me after Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's brother.
Brandon means ‘little raven’ and in english it means
‘hill covered in broom’. I like my name because I am named after my dad’s favourite movie star.

The best thing I like about my name is that I am named after a city in America.That is cool  being named after a city in America . I have always loved my name because it is very special to me .

Brandon E