Friday, 21 June 2013

How has transport changed over the years.

here's a link for you transport learners to check this video of the old London there is so many amazing things in London back in the days . HERE IS THE LINK

Friday, 14 June 2013

Being cyber smart

Personal Information - that is safe to share
Private Information - that you should never share without the permission of a parent, guardian, or teacher.

Favourite band, Favourite sports team, Favourite food
The name of your pet
Favourite subjects at school
Full name (first and last)
Home address
Date of birth
Gender (boy or girl)
How many brothers and sisters you have
Home Phone number, mobile number
Credit card numbers
Parents names
Brothers and sisters names
Email address

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nas and the crab

Nas the Crab by Shane Rivers

WALT: answer questions based on the story by looking for clues in the story.

Activity 1 - Comprehension
Read the story and answer these questions based on the story.

1. Why was Nas excited?
about seeing his mom

2. Who was Beulah?
the older sister.

3. What do you think “Malulu Niu Sila” means?
It’s cold in new zealand.

4. Why did Nas know the names of all the different fish, shellfish
and crabs?
 because the use to live next to the see in samoa

5. Why couldn’t Nas keep the crab he had found inside the mussel?
 because it would of died because it would be dry and it might of had nothing to eat.
Activity 2 - Vocabulary
Make complex sentences with these words.

1. smiled at mum and  dad when he saw them.

2. waiting in the waiting room was scary .

3. remember the time when we lived in samoa.

4. brought nas to the supermarket to do shopping .

5. carpark

6.      supermarket

Activity 3 - Punctuation
Write these paragraphs using correct punctuation.

Since it was sunday mum had planned a family to onai a special samoan lunch to welcome the new arrivals to aotearoa  but first we’d better go shopping she said

the supermarket was gigantic nas had never seen so much food, this is a big country said dad winking at him and theres lots of hungry people like us.

Activity 4 - Design a title page for this story using tux paint.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The netball match.

Walt : Write a recount .
SC: It must have 6 different sentence starters 2 examples of direct speech and a simile

On Friday the 7th of  June  room seven from Glenbrae school had a netball lesson and also a game. I was in team Underdogs but our nickname was Queensland we were versing New South Wales we started off I got the first shot in coach Gina blew the whistle it was the opposite teams ball . The whistle made my ears ring as sharp as a seagull's cry. They soon caught up. We were in the last 10 seconds we got 1 point then on the last second new south wales scored the last point we lost by one point the points were 20-21 we had to swap over so the other team Called queensland tigers went on the netball court  to  verse new south wales .

Next new south wales started off they went  and shot a lot of goals it was even then all of a sudden the tigers got tons of shots they even got a shot from outside of  the circle there was a battle .They were battling like the spartans vs the romans it was epic but the tigers won the game we still had to do the total the places the 1st 2nd and 3rd.

Last of  all we all shook hands and said good game we all had a good  and  good netball lesson thanks Ginny from Auckland sports it was a great opportunity.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Reading Task

SJ pt.2 no.4  1994
Tough Talk by David Hill

WALT read and understand how narratives are written. (Structure and language features used in writing narratives)
Knowledge Questions:
1.    What was Jed going to buy from the dairy?His mums accesories.
2.    Describe who spoke to Jed.a garden gnome with a red plastered  nose and a blue hat holding a fishing rod

3.    Why did Jed refer to himself as a slave.because he had to got to the dairy three times today for his mum.

Comprehension Questions:

4.    Who were Kane and Megan?jeds brother and sister.

Application Questions:

5.    How did the gnome communicate with his leader?through his nose.

Thinking beyond:

6.    Explain why the gnome decided to leave Jed’s planet.because they were saying words that scared him and he said they were terrible creatures.

7.    Explain why Jed decided to walk away without telling the man where his garden gnome had gone.Because he knew it left but he did not know where it disappeared too.

8.  Why do you think some people keep a garden gnome?Because it makes there garden look fancier .

9. List 3 other items you might find as garden ornaments in a garden center or advertised in the local newspaper.wheelbarrow,frog on a motor bike .