Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Madd Diary

                                     Madd diary

Today we had another session with Petia. He drew up some shapes and told us to pick a shape Bono went with the squares and then people slowly followed him.I joined The circles he chose a leader to get a piece of paper that had some writing on it.

Sio Sifa was our leader he brang the paper to me I read it out to my group we discussed what it meant I said circles are caring people.We went up and read it out to the class. Petia told our group what we were he said that we are the caring people.

Next Petia did a drawing for us it was batman he is all the personality shapes.Then he showed us all the leaders in one he said That the Triangle shape is leadership and That the squares are always focused and that the circles are caring the rectangles are always experimenting and that the squiggles are creative..We also got to take a photo with his drawing.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Anzac Report

  Anzac Day

Anzac Day was first marked in 1915.The day has gone through many changes since then.the ceremonies that are held at war memorials up and down New Zealand ,or places overseas where New Zealanders gather,remain rich in tradition and a military funeral.

Thousands lost their lives in Gallipoli about 2000 New Zealanders died .They were fighting for Britain the Turkish people had a machine gun in the trenches they were firing at the new Zealanders and shot and The soldiers became casualties.

The Turkish people tried to stop Australians And New Zealanders from fighting.that they dropped papers and told them to surrender and that they will treat them good.The Turkish people said Why are you fighting for Britain this is not your fight !!!SURRENDER NOW.But New Zealand didn't surrender they kept on fighting .

Anzac Recount

This morning we had a remembrance ceremony .Room 4 placed there crosses in first and then the rest followed one by one .Then Geoffrey gave a speech about anzac he told us lots and lots about the war.

Today I learnt that to join the army you have to be at least 18.We had an actual soldier come to our school is name is Lieutenant Geoffrey.He left the army and he told our school that he was working
with transport he said that he dealed with delivering goods around the country.

Afterwards Mrs Raj lead us to the hall  and we got to ask lieutenant questions.We also asked him to what his medals are for he said that it 2 were for campaign  medals.

Holiday recount

I my holiday I went on a road  trip to foxton beach camp for a week.                                                                                                                                                  

I met a lot of new friends but one was really friendly awesome he went hunting just like me and we both liked the same things we hanged out at the tree hut.

We  played at the flying fox together and we were even in the same dorm and we also lived  just around the corner  he was  like a brother from another mother   .

As soon as we went outside there was a crowd of girls chasing us because we pranked them it was funny as because we both jumped jumped on the flying fox and we went super fast  around the field we were scared like a cat getting chased by a dog .The girls soon catches up. We jumped on the camps dirt bike I was revving the dirt bike throttle was very awesome the girls could not catch us now.

then we heard a bunch of screams they were at the back of us my heart pumped faster and faster like a usain bolt  running in the Olympics It was scary we stopped.

the girls tied  us up and get dragged up to a pole it was scary we got so scared my friend nearly wet his pants but it was fun any ways we had the best time and after all the drama we had a little rest man that was the best day ever. We had a lot of fun at foxton beach camp  .

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Dinosaur reasearch

Type of dinosaur
Name Means
Tyrant lizard" T-Rex is short for Tyrannosaurus rex

Predator dinosaur

Lived When
(70 million years ago)

Up to 7 1/2 tons

12-13 feet tall at hips (the hips would have been twice as tall as a tall man!

Up to 43 feet

Massive jaws with 50 to 60 blade-like teeth, some up to 9 inches long!


T-Rex's head was about 5 feet long. Its skull had holes in it which made it lighter and easier to carry around.

T-Rex was one of the best known dinosaurs, but it didn't live all that long. T-Rex came along just before the dinosaurs became extinct.

You often see T-Rex pictures with his tail stretched out behind him. He did this for balance.

T-Rex had a very good sense of smell.

When T-Rex ran, he could go 20 miles per hour and could cover 15 feet in one step!
When it lived on Earth
During the Late Cetaceous Period, about 85 million to 65 million years ago
When it became extinct
Tyrannosaurus Rex went extinct during the K-T mass extinction, about 65 million years ago. This extinction killed the remaining dinosaurs
Tyrannosaurus rex was an aggressive carnivore. Scientists believe this powerful predator could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in one bite. It also eats Herbivores and Edmontosaurus and Triceratops
Other facts
It weighs up to 7 tons,

When Tyrannosaurus rex is he age of 14 its body size would increase rapidly, putting on around 600kg a year over the next 4 years,

It is measured up to 13m in length,
4m at its hip

The skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is measured up to 1.5m long.

The largest tooth of any carnivorous dinosaur found to this date is that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is estimated to have been around 30cm long when including the root

Similar dinosaurs to your chosen dinosaur
Giant Spinosaurus
Where its fossils were found
USA ( New Mexico, Montana, Utah and Wyoming ) Canada ( Albert and Saskatchwan ) And East Asia ( Mongolia )
What country it lived in
USA, Canada and East Asia
Tyrannosaurus Rex Jokes
Q. What is the T. rexs favourite number?
A. Eight (ate)

Q. What is the best way to talk a Tyrannosaurus?
A. Long distance

Q.What did the Tyrannosaurus get after mopping the floor?
A. A Dino-sore

Q.What do you call a Tyrannosaurs that smashes everything?
A.Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Q.How do dinosaurs pay there bills?
A.WithTyrannosaurus Checks

MADD Diary


Today we had another session of MADD.Today we were talking about skills and talents .Petia talked to us about how your born with talents and how skills are learnt not given  .He talked to us about Sonny Bill Williams and how he always was he last one to leave the training grounds and always the first one to show up .

He split us up in to groups I was in the fourth group we did a play about playing a video game called 2K15 WWE I was playing as the gamer .I got to control  Voni he was sting I won the match but Lennox did not read the rules so we started arguing about why he did not read the rules so then Joseph explained why he should read the rules before he plays the game.

Petia did some chalk art as a final activity it was call because he was drawing slowly and we could see that he was drawing Wonder Woman it was cool cause he made her hair look like it was blowing  in the wind because it was dragged out to the side .Then he said by to us and we got to see his picture up close it looked cool.