Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Swimming sessions

On Tuesday 25 of February we had swimming lessons  we did heads down chin on chest and arm circles it was hard cause I could not breathe properly but it taught me how to do freestyle I had a lot of fun it was really cold. I hopped out  because it was cold .I watched them they did a lot of activities. They had to be  doing as they were told. I got dressed . they  were nearly finished .together we had heaps of fun and we also got to swim far that was the best swimming session I have ever had it was awesome thanks for teaching me how to swim even better . It was heaps of fun .

Friday, 22 February 2013

Glenbrae school swimming lessons

LI:to use adjectives SC: I have used adjectives to describe
On Tuesday and Thursday we went in our deep swimming pool it was really tired it was hard swimming for along time an holding your breathe and it was really cold I felt like jumping out and sleeping on the hot ground man but I couldn't because I loved swimming in the pool

The life caravan :Making choices

LI:to use adjectives SC: I have used adjectives to describe
On Wenseday we had a SHORT walk from our BIG classroom all the way down to the GIANT Life  Caravan and our topic was making choices and  it was really hard to figure out the answers  but a lot of people did I loved working in the life caravan it was fun in the life caravan but we also saw Harold the giraffe he was awesome at singing he is the coolest giraffe ever.

Friday, 15 February 2013

wheels day At Glenbrae school

Bikes  7
Rollerblades 2
Skateboards 1
scooters 3
toytrucks 1
rc car 1

Friday, 8 February 2013


This week we have been learning  how to create spreadsheets and making graphs .This is a pie chart of Room 7 best sports ever.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

biograph poem

Learning Intention: To write a bio poem.
Success criteria
  • structure below
  • Use highly descriptive language (focus on adjectives)
  • Should make you feel satisfied that whoever reads it will know a good deal about who you are

  I am a mountaineer ,adventurous and funny.

I love tagging on paper ,I love skateboarding and long distance running.

Who is happy to run across the beach and watch the surfers and windsurfers.

Who cares about the pollution in china and mexico.
What about the young people losing there education.

I am afraid of snakes,mosquitoes,

who would love to  go for a ride in a 1980 cobra or on a motorcycle or mustang fastback
who can skateboard or climb high
and bmx

What about  flying or being a superhero and feeling the sun.

Brandon E