Monday, 17 September 2012

Dogs and food

Some dogs will die to get a piece of steak .Some dogs have Healthier habits .There was a dog named Maymo who liked leafy cabbage  one day his owner  secretly video taped her/his dog.Maymo  successfully took the cabbage and ate it  some of it went on his head . He tried hard and succeeded he is the champion cabbage stealer

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My soil report

My soil report                                                       March 28/3/12

After studying science for  last few weeks I have learnt about seeds, pollination and different types of soil.
Now we are researching about four questions.

What is soil?

Soil is a mixture of sand, loam and clay that helps plants grow .Nutrients  in the soil come from dead bugs, leaves, twigs and other organic material.There are different types of soil such as loam. Did you know that sand is a type of soil too? Nutrients in the soil come from dead bugs, dead roots, twigs and leaves.

Why is  soil important?

Soil is important because  it keeps trees up straight. Soil is important  because it gives us food like fruits and vegetables. It also is a habitat for invertebrates such as earthworms and cicadas  because cicadas lay their eggs  under ground .

Is soil a habitat?

Yes. Soil is a habitat  for many invertebrates  such as earthworms  and  cicadas. Did you know that moles live in the soil even though they aren’t invertebrates? That is cool . Tuatara live in burrows in the soil to be safe and  they  hide in it too  if predators  come and try to eat them .

How have people affected soil?

People have affected soil  by cutting down our trees.When they cut down our trees the soil gets washed down.  It goes into  clean lakes and then those lakes get polluted  and then our native fish and plants die and that is not good. EWe need trees to clean air. They breathe in our carbon dioxide    and breathe out good oxygen so   please  stop cutting down trees.

By Brandon Eliu    

The star sharks

One day a mother shark told her baby sharks to keep close to the rocks but as they  were playing, they drifted off into the sea. There  was a giant who goes fishing with a big black net. He went down into the open sea and threw out his net and caught all the little sharks.The god of light felt so sorry that he took the net of the giant and hauled the net and held it up in the sky and the baby  sharks became the seven stars of Matariki and the name of the little sharks are Tohetie ,Toheta,Tapa-nuku,Tapu-rangi,Ururangi and  Waipuna rangi and one of the little sharks remains nameless and any child who feels lonely can name that star and it will keep them company and the little star sharks became Matariki.
The End
   By Brandon.E

Volcanic Simulation

Yesterday we went to the museum.Our group strolled down to the volcanic area and we walked into a lightened room with a couch,tv,big screen,rooms,coffee table and a draw with a vase and in the vase was a flower which had no beautiful flower smell.We sat on the floor which had a rug on it and as soon as we settled down the big screen had steam and the news was on the tv but I already knew  it was a simulation and it soon started to shake it was not scary for me but last time I got really scared.The lightened room became a darkened room and the ash came closer and closer the lights came on and the room shook like we were in an earthquake. Wow   if that was real it would scare me out of my pants . One light came on then one after the other and we all stood up and  walked out of the room.There was fun games and videos we did the [can you pick me up to see how strong you are].The funnest game I played was rock music well it wasn’t rock n roll we made it was  on rocks.Next we went to the polynesian section we learnt about Kiribati and here is two of my notes : te katau ornamental tell belt of coconut shells discs , dolphins teeth nonouti fishing equipment .Fish traps :fishing hats and a bag to carry the eels home.
By Brandon E