Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to make a tank out of recycled materials

How to make a tank that moves out of recycled materials.
*Just juice,up  and go or any catron thats got 6 flat surfaces like a just juice carton
*4 or 3 bottle caps
*round cylinder metal or plastic
*broken transformer gun toy
1. first you would need to wash out in drops of juice or milk in the cartons .
2.Now you need to measure out how long you want the hole for your back wheel to be.
3.Next you can cut or poke holes for you skewers to go in .
4.Poke holes in your bottle tops so that the skewers fit in the holes.
5.poke the skewers through the holes and put the bottle tops on it so that it can move.
6.Now put the metal cylinder on the side and tape it so that it stays
7.Cut rectangle shape in the middle with a craft knife but ask an adult to cut out one that is Cm
long and Cm wide .
8.Now insert the transformer gun into the hole  and tape it .
9.Now once you have done all these steps you can paint and decorate it with anything you like.
Hope you enjoy playing with your new home-made tank out of recycled materials.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poem activity sheet : Poets

List 3 New Zealand poets
1 Sarah Jane Barrett
2. Barbara strang
3 Meg Campbell

List 3 famous poets around the world
1. Angelo Maya
2.Dickinson  Emily
3.Silverstein Shell

Who is William Shakespeare?
A famous poet and writer
Where was he born?
Stratford upon Avon- united kingdom
When was he born?
When did he die?
What famous stories did he write?
A Midsummer Night's Dream,The Tempest,As You Like It,The Winter's Tale,King Lear,Twelfth Night,Much Ado About Nothing,Romeo and Juliet,Pericles,Hamlet,Cymbeline, Macbeth,The Comedy of Errors,The Merchant of Venice,Timon of Athens,Othello,The Taming of the Shrew,Measure for Measure,Two Gentlemen of Verona,All's Well That Ends Well
Read one of William Shakespeare’s poems and write what you think of it
sonnet 154 : it had interesting words and figurative language
Are poems fun or boring to you?Why? Explain your answer in full. Give examples
poems are fun because you can add rhythms or beats and sometimes they can rhyme or else sound funny
What does the term rhyme mean?
the words end with the same letter or sound the same
What does the term rhythm mean?
A beat or sound
What does the term imagery mean?pictures and images
What is a haiku?
a chinese poem containing seventeen syllables

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My poem about casper

He’s bright like a light even though he might give me a fright in the night.
My friend is as big as a truck and as goofy as a duck.
He’s wild and mild like a little child.
He feels pain when it’s about to rain .
He likes the sun and to run because it’s fun.
He thinks a stone couldn't break a bone but sometimes he feels alone.
We know he’s lying because he keeps on trying to get out of trouble .
He confesses his mistake and he will bake a cake to say sorry but he doesn't worry.
Now it’s time for him to lay his head on his soft pillow on his bed right after he has read.
Now this poem is done time for me to make another one.