Friday, 6 December 2013

Questions and Answers about christmas

This is the information I found :

who is Santa Claus?
Santa clause also known as saint Nicholas,father Christmas and Kris kringle  who’s the person who celebrated christmas and he saved three men from death and he celebrated it because he was a religious person and knew that Christ birthday was on the 25 of December and he loved to be generous he died on the 6 of December 343 AC (aged 73 ).

What is christmas ?
Christmas is  a public holiday when you celebrate Jesus birthday but it is to believe that is   birthday is not on the 25  but they think he was born on the 6 of January but most people celebrate it on the 25 of December because that is the easier way and some kids moan when they don’t get present but they should think of the kids in Africa and India and the Philippines.