Friday, 31 July 2015

Child abuse

Child abuse is very common in New Zealand there have been many cases of child abuse of the past few years.The child abuse has been increasing over the past few years and the child abuse referrals have been declining over the past few years.

The affects of child abuse

Child abuse affects most children it affects them social,mental ,physically and also behavioural problems.It also affects there brain and sometimes kids get beaten so bad that they get head trauma.Child abuse is a big problem in New Zealand homes.Most children are to scared to tell someone because they might get beaten even more when they come home.

Kinds of child abuse

There are many types of child abuse it can be verbal and physical.
Most of the child abuse is physical there are children being admitted to hospital every 2nd day and some of them really severe  such as head trauma and also comas.

Bypassing child abuse

In 1955 the child abuse was being talked about alot and in 2013 the child abuse law was by passed and was introduced  to New Zealand.But today there is still child abuse in New Zealand they are making many more restrictions on child abuse.


All kinds of child abuse is bad overall .There are many affects of being abused it can affect you in many ways.If you are being abused don’t be afraid to talk to someone because if you do you may be able to get help.