Friday, 1 May 2015

Tamaki Orientation day

On Tuesday morning the year 8 boys and girls went to tamaki college for open day.
All the schools met in the auditorium there were lots of schools there were Pt England,Roprtaka and also Glenn Innes .They sent us up to get our name tags Our school  went up and got them and moved back to our seats.Then the other schools went up and got theirs. Mrs Moore and called out the groups there were K Mn,K Sh,P Em and others I was in K Mn.Our leader was
George he gave out the time tables .

Next we moved to our first class was Te reo maori we did a pepeha Our teacher was Whaea Pekae she told us and explained it to us and then we did it I nearly finished.Our second class was social studies with Mr allison We did a game when you have to use coordinates to find places on the map it was cool I got the answer it was dates.Our next class was Maths with Mr Gallop he shared a document  with us we all finished then we played a game of kahoot I placed 3rd .

Our final activity for the day was Physical Education.We played gold nuggets it was cool because I got 3 cones back to my line and I almost got caught but slid into the goal and our final activity was chain tag we got 4 people it was hard because we were all sweaty and we were all slipping.