Friday, 6 December 2013

Questions and Answers about christmas

This is the information I found :

who is Santa Claus?
Santa clause also known as saint Nicholas,father Christmas and Kris kringle  who’s the person who celebrated christmas and he saved three men from death and he celebrated it because he was a religious person and knew that Christ birthday was on the 25 of December and he loved to be generous he died on the 6 of December 343 AC (aged 73 ).

What is christmas ?
Christmas is  a public holiday when you celebrate Jesus birthday but it is to believe that is   birthday is not on the 25  but they think he was born on the 6 of January but most people celebrate it on the 25 of December because that is the easier way and some kids moan when they don’t get present but they should think of the kids in Africa and India and the Philippines.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to make a tank out of recycled materials

How to make a tank that moves out of recycled materials.
*Just juice,up  and go or any catron thats got 6 flat surfaces like a just juice carton
*4 or 3 bottle caps
*round cylinder metal or plastic
*broken transformer gun toy
1. first you would need to wash out in drops of juice or milk in the cartons .
2.Now you need to measure out how long you want the hole for your back wheel to be.
3.Next you can cut or poke holes for you skewers to go in .
4.Poke holes in your bottle tops so that the skewers fit in the holes.
5.poke the skewers through the holes and put the bottle tops on it so that it can move.
6.Now put the metal cylinder on the side and tape it so that it stays
7.Cut rectangle shape in the middle with a craft knife but ask an adult to cut out one that is Cm
long and Cm wide .
8.Now insert the transformer gun into the hole  and tape it .
9.Now once you have done all these steps you can paint and decorate it with anything you like.
Hope you enjoy playing with your new home-made tank out of recycled materials.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poem activity sheet : Poets

List 3 New Zealand poets
1 Sarah Jane Barrett
2. Barbara strang
3 Meg Campbell

List 3 famous poets around the world
1. Angelo Maya
2.Dickinson  Emily
3.Silverstein Shell

Who is William Shakespeare?
A famous poet and writer
Where was he born?
Stratford upon Avon- united kingdom
When was he born?
When did he die?
What famous stories did he write?
A Midsummer Night's Dream,The Tempest,As You Like It,The Winter's Tale,King Lear,Twelfth Night,Much Ado About Nothing,Romeo and Juliet,Pericles,Hamlet,Cymbeline, Macbeth,The Comedy of Errors,The Merchant of Venice,Timon of Athens,Othello,The Taming of the Shrew,Measure for Measure,Two Gentlemen of Verona,All's Well That Ends Well
Read one of William Shakespeare’s poems and write what you think of it
sonnet 154 : it had interesting words and figurative language
Are poems fun or boring to you?Why? Explain your answer in full. Give examples
poems are fun because you can add rhythms or beats and sometimes they can rhyme or else sound funny
What does the term rhyme mean?
the words end with the same letter or sound the same
What does the term rhythm mean?
A beat or sound
What does the term imagery mean?pictures and images
What is a haiku?
a chinese poem containing seventeen syllables

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My poem about casper

He’s bright like a light even though he might give me a fright in the night.
My friend is as big as a truck and as goofy as a duck.
He’s wild and mild like a little child.
He feels pain when it’s about to rain .
He likes the sun and to run because it’s fun.
He thinks a stone couldn't break a bone but sometimes he feels alone.
We know he’s lying because he keeps on trying to get out of trouble .
He confesses his mistake and he will bake a cake to say sorry but he doesn't worry.
Now it’s time for him to lay his head on his soft pillow on his bed right after he has read.
Now this poem is done time for me to make another one.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The news article

                   Springboks vs all blacks
All blacks have been undefeated throughout the weeks they have beaten the springboks and won the score against the springboks the scores were 29 -15 the All blacks one by only 9 points.Bismarck was red carded because of the barge he put into Daniel carters shoulder and Ma’a no nu was yellow carded for putting his shoulder into his head when he had no ball .

Daniel carter was out of the field due to his injured shoulder.There was a brawl after Daniel carter was injured ,there was a red card because of the illegal hit that was in the game and there was a very bad injury due to a elbow to one  all black player liam Massey collar bone .

Friday, 6 September 2013

Where no boat could live?

7. Please give a brief summary of the article.
This story was about how the moriori people survived and  how Chatham island storms are dangerous
8. Why were the Moriori considered backward?
Because the back of the boats were the front and the front of the boat was backwards.

9. What do you think about the skills and designs of the Moriori and why?

They were very good with wood work and crafting .The moriori had very good designs with weaving because they were really talented

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My dream holiday

                                         MY DREAM HOLIDAY

My dream holiday would  be to go to samoa and meet my cousins and my family .Samoa is cool place because  they got nice  waters and there scenery is cool because you can see the fish swimming and kids having fun in the water .My uncles and my nana live in a town called upolu island in samoa .

Samoa is a beautiful island.My uncle lives on a farm in samoa that has 40 pigs 7 cows and 20 chicken .My dad’s dad bought a house in Apia and now is renavating on his house he has completed the bathroom,master,bedroom ,and wash house now he needs to finish .

Last of all I would like to go visit my uncle's grave and see my great grandfather and see my grandparents and family . My family always has always wanted to go to samoa .
  By Brandon

What is Radiation

Radiation is an energy that is  radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles and it is the heat  transferred  by electromagnetic  waves or photons .It does not need a propagating medium.The energy transferred by radiation moves at the speed of light .The heat radiated by the sun can be exchanged. There is two types of radiation nuclear radiation and heat radiation.

Heat can be transferred through air heat or by liquids.Heat can also be a solid like lava it’s a liquid but parts of it is a solid . Heat can be transferred  from uv rays which is a type of radiation it is an ultra violet type of radiation.Radiation can be so dangerous that it could kill a human as soon as touches them or if it has been inhaled.

Last year in the tsunami which happened in Japan a highly toxic radiation cylinder exploded. Then radiation was all over the town and people were being evacuated because radiation has very bad effects on the health of people.The radiation caused by the tsunami was devastating for the Japanese people.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Persuasive writting

                                                         persuasive writting

The topic being addressed is children should not work from the age of eight.

I disagree with this topic because I believe it is not fair and I will state my arguments to support my position.

Children should not work from the age of eight because they are under age and will become uneducated .Education for children is very important so they can have a good life when they grow up to be adults . Children should only start working when they turn 18 and when they have finished college and graduated. Working at the age of eight should be illegal.

Children should not work from the age of eight because it is wrong to treat kids like slaves and make them  do all the dirty work. Eight year olds should be learning at school instead of working .

Eight year olds should not be working for companies .Children should be able to run around and learn instead of being slaves and doing work for the bosses and managers. Its not fair on kids that they have to do the work and they just sit and watch them it’s just cruel and it’s slavery.

I strongly agree that children should not work from the age of eight because that is the time they should be learning as I have discussed in this text.

Friday, 12 July 2013

My limericks

 Fighting through time  

Who see the elementary
aye I see the penitentiary
one day running from police
thats right mama put whopping
to my backside even though your
a crack feen you were my black queen mama
I understand for a woman it ain’t easy tryin
to raise to bad kids on your own.



Friday, 21 June 2013

How has transport changed over the years.

here's a link for you transport learners to check this video of the old London there is so many amazing things in London back in the days . HERE IS THE LINK

Friday, 14 June 2013

Being cyber smart

Personal Information - that is safe to share
Private Information - that you should never share without the permission of a parent, guardian, or teacher.

Favourite band, Favourite sports team, Favourite food
The name of your pet
Favourite subjects at school
Full name (first and last)
Home address
Date of birth
Gender (boy or girl)
How many brothers and sisters you have
Home Phone number, mobile number
Credit card numbers
Parents names
Brothers and sisters names
Email address

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nas and the crab

Nas the Crab by Shane Rivers

WALT: answer questions based on the story by looking for clues in the story.

Activity 1 - Comprehension
Read the story and answer these questions based on the story.

1. Why was Nas excited?
about seeing his mom

2. Who was Beulah?
the older sister.

3. What do you think “Malulu Niu Sila” means?
It’s cold in new zealand.

4. Why did Nas know the names of all the different fish, shellfish
and crabs?
 because the use to live next to the see in samoa

5. Why couldn’t Nas keep the crab he had found inside the mussel?
 because it would of died because it would be dry and it might of had nothing to eat.
Activity 2 - Vocabulary
Make complex sentences with these words.

1. smiled at mum and  dad when he saw them.

2. waiting in the waiting room was scary .

3. remember the time when we lived in samoa.

4. brought nas to the supermarket to do shopping .

5. carpark

6.      supermarket

Activity 3 - Punctuation
Write these paragraphs using correct punctuation.

Since it was sunday mum had planned a family to onai a special samoan lunch to welcome the new arrivals to aotearoa  but first we’d better go shopping she said

the supermarket was gigantic nas had never seen so much food, this is a big country said dad winking at him and theres lots of hungry people like us.

Activity 4 - Design a title page for this story using tux paint.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The netball match.

Walt : Write a recount .
SC: It must have 6 different sentence starters 2 examples of direct speech and a simile

On Friday the 7th of  June  room seven from Glenbrae school had a netball lesson and also a game. I was in team Underdogs but our nickname was Queensland we were versing New South Wales we started off I got the first shot in coach Gina blew the whistle it was the opposite teams ball . The whistle made my ears ring as sharp as a seagull's cry. They soon caught up. We were in the last 10 seconds we got 1 point then on the last second new south wales scored the last point we lost by one point the points were 20-21 we had to swap over so the other team Called queensland tigers went on the netball court  to  verse new south wales .

Next new south wales started off they went  and shot a lot of goals it was even then all of a sudden the tigers got tons of shots they even got a shot from outside of  the circle there was a battle .They were battling like the spartans vs the romans it was epic but the tigers won the game we still had to do the total the places the 1st 2nd and 3rd.

Last of  all we all shook hands and said good game we all had a good  and  good netball lesson thanks Ginny from Auckland sports it was a great opportunity.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Reading Task

SJ pt.2 no.4  1994
Tough Talk by David Hill

WALT read and understand how narratives are written. (Structure and language features used in writing narratives)
Knowledge Questions:
1.    What was Jed going to buy from the dairy?His mums accesories.
2.    Describe who spoke to Jed.a garden gnome with a red plastered  nose and a blue hat holding a fishing rod

3.    Why did Jed refer to himself as a slave.because he had to got to the dairy three times today for his mum.

Comprehension Questions:

4.    Who were Kane and Megan?jeds brother and sister.

Application Questions:

5.    How did the gnome communicate with his leader?through his nose.

Thinking beyond:

6.    Explain why the gnome decided to leave Jed’s planet.because they were saying words that scared him and he said they were terrible creatures.

7.    Explain why Jed decided to walk away without telling the man where his garden gnome had gone.Because he knew it left but he did not know where it disappeared too.

8.  Why do you think some people keep a garden gnome?Because it makes there garden look fancier .

9. List 3 other items you might find as garden ornaments in a garden center or advertised in the local newspaper.wheelbarrow,frog on a motor bike .


Friday, 24 May 2013

My class reading groups activity

Green Group

No more cats by Jennifer Beck SJ. pt.1 No.3 2008

1. Take a screenshot of the story and insert into this document.
2. What do you think this story is about?The dad doesn't want another cat after there old             cat died .
3. In your own words explain why Dad did not want another cat.Because he can’t get over the death of there old cat named rusty who used to sleep in his lap he doesn't want to replace the life of his favorite cat and he doesn't want any other cat to try and replace him.
4.What did Dad plan to do about the stray cat? Catch it and take it to the S.P.C.A..
5.Why is it more difficult to find a new home for an adult cat?Because it cost more money to look  after and they are older so it makes it harder to make sure there okay .
6. When had the old cat carrier box last been used?right after rusty got sick and died .
7. Who was Rusty? Explain what had happened to him.he was there old cat who had gotten sick and  had to be put down because there was no cure .
8. In your opinion was Dad fond of cats? Use evidence from the story to support your
ideas.not yet he still liked cats .He thought of rusty and said to himself time to move on from rusty we are gonna have this cat.
9. Why do you think the writer thought Dad was just plotting to catch the cat?because he knew it would be easier for him then just keep on trying to catch it.
10. When the writer got home from soccer what did she find?there was no more ginger cat she thought it was gone but her dad was actually watching a motor car race with the stray ginger cat.
11. Explain why Dad thought Ferrari would be a good name for the stray cat.he thought the cat was sleek and fast and so are ferrari’s
12. Complete the key vocabulary table:
what you think it means
dictionary definition
Cool and flash
of hair, fur, or skin,Smooth and glossy: "he was tall, with sleek, dark hair"
Having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion
jump up
Smooth down by rubbing with pounce or pumice.
in a lying up against something .
Be in or move into a sloping position: "he leaned back in his chair"
living room where the family things are and where the tv is and where the family can have meetings.
Lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way: "students were lounging about reading papers
rubbing or gently scratching.
An act of hitting or striking someone or something; a blow.

Use the above words in sentences of your own. You need to use one adjective and
one verb in each sentence. Highlight each one in a different color as shown.
(Example - Sione cut open his packet of chicken noodles and dropped them into the
shiny steel pan of hot water to cook.)

The  dad stroked and rubbed the ginger cat and let it sleep in his warm   lap.
Dad thought the cat was sleek so he named it ferrari .                
Dad pounced but the stray cat was to fast and it ran away.
Dad was angry but mum said just let him trust you dad said yes I need to cunning.
Dad let the stray ginger cat sleep in lap in the lounge well he watched the motor car race .
The stray ginger cat was leaning up against dad.
                                        I completed my class reading groups activity.